Ever since I was little, I could easily get wrapped up in a good book. A story that painted a realistic, complicated picture of peoples’ lives always caught my attention. I wanted to piece together stories that had that same effect on others.

Spoiler alert, I went for it.

Being a journalist has given me the opportunity to connect with various communities and tell their stories. At Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication, I took on new challenges like the deputy features editor position at The Temple News and various internships in Philadelphia.

For The Temple News, I spoke to more than 20 students about what their experience was like with FAFSA, the financial aid application. You can read the story here. Students’ experiences ranged from not being able to get financial aid to not being familiar with the process since a parent did it for them.

Living in Philly has been amazing. I grew up in a rural town in southeastern Pennsylvania, so I really appreciate everything this city has to offer. Most importantly, there are so many underreported stories for me to cover. When I’m not working on a story, I binge-watch my favorite TV shows, read or visit one of the city’s many restaurants and bars.

Check out the rest of my portfolio here and follow me on Twitter! I keep up with local and national news and will usually live-tweet a TV show I’m watching.