Billy Penn

Billy Penn is a nonprofit newsroom in Philadelphia. I was an intern at Billy Penn from June to December 2017.

Full portfolio here. Some of my favorites below:



A Haitian woman in Philly and her two children face possible deportation as ‘protected status’ ends

How Philly’s new immigrants learn to speak English

The Philly startup making POC-inspired cosmetics will launch its first collection this summer



How Nina Ahmad plans to win Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor race

2 Philly, PA pols on why they won’t stop trying to raise the minimum wage

Philly DACA supporters marched through Old City as President Trump halted the immigration program



Women Organized Against Rape wants to make Philly bars, clubs and restaurants safer

This book club for North Philadelphia’s black youth launches July 1


Rec Centers

Vogt Rec Center: A home away from home for kids, teens and seniors

Olney Rec Center: A ‘gateway’ to the neighborhood focused on keeping kids active

Athletic Rec Center: Where Philly baseball got its start and young boxers train

Vare Rec Center: A community safe haven and gymnastics hub



Philly stoops get their own Instagram account